Bobby McGee Study Recap Week 7/17


Two weeks ago, the main workout activity was 6 x 30 second hill repeats. This week, study participants ran two additional hill repeats.

Short hill repeats allow the body to put more force on the muscle and effectively target the potassium pump in training. These workouts improve the body’s ability to produce and recycle energy thereby improving running cadence, posture, power, and overall running economy.


  1. 10-15 walk/jog
  2. Dynamic mobility drills
  3. Four progressive strides
  4. 8 x 30 second hill repeats (progressive)
  5. Cool down jog
  6. Pre-plyometric strength drills

The goal of this session was to increase power output over each repeat thereby lengthening the distance covered in the 30 seconds. Check out the Stryd data below demonstrating an athlete who was able to meet the goal of the workout and increase their power output for each hill repeat vs an athlete who went out too fast and was unable to progress throughout the workout.


2017-07-24 (1)




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