Bobby McGee Study Update 7/24

The moment of truth arrived this week when we measured results of study participants as they ran their second 200-meter and 2k halfway through the study. This was a test performed at the midpoint of their training, during the week requiring athletes to run their highest mileage. Therefore, many of the partipants were fatigued, a consideration which amplifies their improvements!

Results of All 14 Involved Athletes:
1. The group was on average six seconds faster in the second test than the first. Almost 60% of participants improved their times on the 2k test, and the average improvement was by 23.1 seconds.
Figure 1. Athlete times for the second measurement of their 2k distance
Results of the Nine Who Synced Data from Both Tests: 
Cadence, stride length, leg spring stiffness and ground contact time improved for 88.8 % of the nine athletes.
-Cadence improved by an average of 2.46 steps per minute
-Stride length improved by an average of 5.61 cm
-Leg spring stiffness improved by +15.59 N/m/kg
-Ground contact time reduced by 6.6 ms on average
Stay tuned for the third and final measurement of the progress of our runners!

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